Are you Suffering from Website Shame?

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I see it over and over, entrepreneurs starting their business and they either do not have a site or are embarrassed of the one they have. Equally as tragic is the entrepreneur that has an outdated site that has been dormant forever and no longer reflects their business today. Common results of website shame include:

Failure to market:

They are so caught up in not having a professional site that clearly and concisely communicates who they are, what they do and who they do it for in a way that attracts their ideal clients that they just don’t market, network, call on potential clients and often times give up before they have given their business a chance to thrive.

Embarrassment and Excuses:

Many entrepreneurs are so caught up in website shame that they spend a very long time making excuses and explaining why their site is non-existent or a poor representation. This actually draws attention the one thing they are trying to avoid, their site.

Failed attempts to do-it-yourself:

How many times have you heard how easy word press is? Or know someone who did his or her own site or even better his or her teen-age child did it for them. As an entrepreneur, you have so much value to give and I bet that website and branding is not in your skill set. So do what your good at and leave the rest to the professionals. I have helped so many people who have wasted valuable time and money trying to take this short cut and everyone I have worked with has regretted it.


This entrepreneur thinks that it’s ok not to have a site. They proudly go out into the market and proclaim that they do not need one and often wonder why they are not growing a thriving business. Face it, when you get a business card the first thing you look at is their site. They do to!

You can avoid or overcome website shame by just stepping-up and investing in your business! Find a branding specialist that “gets you” and can provide everything your business needs. Start with Phase one, that includes basic branding, color, professional graphics and a word-press site. This gives you a foundation to work from and sets you up to organically grow your brand with your business. Just one or two clients can make up the investment and give you the confidence to succeed. 510-881-8446