What’s Your Money Story?

money stepsHave you ever thought about why your relationship to money is the way it is? Everyone has a story about it. You can’t make enough; it’s hard; I am never paid what I am worth; I make a lot but have nothing in the bank to show for it. It’s like an endless staircase. Are you stepping UP to your cause of a life of unlimited joy and freedom?

Here is a story about a women we will call Jane. She had a lovely career, marriage, home and children. One day in her late 30’s she realized that she was in financial distress with kids in sports, mortgage, car payments and credit debt. She drained her 401k to pay for ongoing medical treatments for one of her children. On the outside she was the image of success. On the inside she was broken. A few years later she was divorced and lost her home. She lost her job and her mother died. She was left as full beneficiary to her mother’s life insurance policy of $450,000.

Take a moment and think about this. What would your next move be?

A life insurance policy is a tax-free inheritance. Suddenly the gods deposited over a quarter million dollars into her bank account.

Nineteen months later while teaching a money workshop, I met Jane. She was working two

part – time jobs, had a car payment and was living in a motel- a real life example of “Life Happening.”

($450,000 gone in less than 2 years)

Think about deserve level? Her story was,” I deserve everything I couldn’t have over the last 9 years!” Her words!

Ladies get clear on your “Money Story” It can Make or Break you! We need a plan and must take action.

This where I can help you.

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