Elevate Your Brand by Making a Difference

40766262 - volunteer word cloud, heart conceptAs an entrepreneur, you are committed to making a difference in the world through your amazing gifts and talents. Giving back is a natural extension of that brand. Sharing your passion for organizations and contributing your time, talents and treasures elevates your brand and attracts and retains like-minded clients and affiliates.

Follow your heart. Find organizations that really matter to you and commit to one or two. For example, you may know or love someone who has been affected by a disease like cancer, leukemia or AIDS. Maybe your heart goes out to the homeless or women in transition. Whatever speaks to your soul is a great place to start making a difference.

Make the commitment. Making a difference can be as easy as donating blood or serving at a shelter. It can be a monetary donation to a worthy cause or you can join a group that is committed to change. You can use your talent to help organizations. I designed a logo and all the marketing materials for a local organization that is fighting teen sex trafficking in the Bay Area. I frequently give to organizations that empower and educate women in the Third World, and I am a committed blood donor.

Share it with the world. Invite your friends, clients and colleagues to be part of something greater. When you go to a charity event or make a blood donation, post and invite your friends. Have a charitable giving page on your website. People like working with or purchasing from organizations that give back. Target advertises that they give 5 percent to charity, and Amazon Smile lets you pick a charity that they contribute to when you make a purchase.

Sharing your passion for helping others and making a difference in the world elevates your brand to something bigger and greater than yourself.