Grow Your Network Using Facebook

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Facebook is a great place to connect with people you meet in person, whether at networking or social events, or even people you just met on social media. Whenever you meet someone, ask if they would like to stay connected on social media. Send them a “friend request.” Check out their personal profile and business page to see what they are up to. See who their “friends” are. It’s a great way to get to know people, stay connected and deepen relationships.

Stay Connected to People on Facebook without Being Salesy

Like, Comment and Share their content. It’s just the same as a networking event. You don’t want to meet someone, introduce yourself and immediately start promoting what you’re selling. You want to get to know one another. 

Join a few groups. Each group has its own culture. You want to get to know and understand the culture of the group before you begin participating. The first step in beginning to participate is to say hello and introduce yourself. Then get to know people in the group.

When Do You Promote What You’re Selling?

Figure out when is a good time to promote what you’re selling. Groups often have a certain day of the week that they designate for this. If there’s someone in the Facebook group with whom you think you might have a connection, you can start a conversation and then take your conversation to email, phone or Skype.

The mission of Whole Heart Marketing is to empower and educate people on how to use internet technology to share their message, nurture relationships, and grow their business and in doing so, bridge the intergenerational gap that has been created by technology, and further heal the planet.