How to Look Festive without Breaking the Bank

Creating looks for holiday affairs doesn’t have to be expensive if you know what to look for. Start by looking in your closet for items that give off a festive vibe. Next, take a look at your classic, quality pieces. These are necessary basics to blend with the festive ingredients. When mixed together in different combinations, you’ll find the perfect outfits to wear for your holiday parties.

  1. Wear a truly red lipstick and keep the rest of your makeup colors neutral.marion1
  2. Wear a large jeweled necklace as a statement collar against your crewneck sweater or top. Shop for this at junior departments or stores like Zara, J. Crew, H&M, Chicos, or Target.
  3. Choose to wear a red pump with a black cigarette pant or a nice dark jean for a more casual event.marion3
  4. Satin, velvet, or patent leather flats are comfortable and festive for long holiday events. Large bows, sequins, or jeweled embellishments will give your shoes more wattage.marion4
  5. Get a blowout. Your hairdresser can turn your everyday casual hairstyle into a festive one and will make your appearance grander.  Well, maybe not this grand!marion5
  6. Faux fur stoles are great wraps over your Little Black Dress. Your options include wild fun colors as well as black, brown or white.marion6
  7. Nothing adds drama like elbow-length gloves. Show them off in a sleeveless dress or a jacket with ¾ length sleeves.marion7
  8. Dress head-to-toe in black and add a glittery gold clutch. Repeat the glitter in a brooch, pendant or earring.marion8-5
  9. Make your skirt the center of attention. A pencil skirt in lace, leather or leopard print is a great buy when paired with simple tops or jackets that you already own.marion9
  10. Prepare for your grand entrance with your most dramatic coat, the one you hardly ever wear. That coat with lace, leather or fur trim is perfect right now.marion10

Call me and we can create outfits for your festive day or night events. You’ll look and feel great for the holidays!

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