Your Financial Sandcastle

Is your financial sandcastle sturdy or is it washing away? I had the pleasure hearing Michael Bernard
Beckwith, founder of Agape, speak about goals using a sandcastle analogy. It made me think of how we as a population can be that way with our finances.

It is time to take innovative action with regard to our finances, especially this new year 2017. There are actions that were taken before the election that will be game changers as we, as a country, move forward.  

We’ve been headed toward an economic adjustment for a while. One important issue is that in October 2016, a decision was made that the government will no longer be responsible for bailing out banks. In simple terms, they will be able to use your deposits as their personal assets, meaning no FDIC coverage, and in the case of a market crash, you will not have immediate access to your funds. For more (Greg Hunter)

As a society, we are very comfortable with what we are repeatedly told to do with regard to our money. For example, 401K, gold, or stocks and bonds. But why is it okay for you to subject your hard-earned money to volatility and fees? Although diversity is important, you need access to your money and to learn other available options.

Did you realize that life insurance is considered property? The right product never goes down and always goes up. It can have creditor protection, no probate and it’s private!

J.C. Penney, Disneyland, Pampered Chef and Foster Farms were built with this tool. You can be your own bank. It’s called “The Bank On Yourself Method.” It saves on taxes and it’s 100 percent tax-free to whom you choose to leave it. Is your sandcastle sturdy or is it washing away? Let’s talk.

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