Cultivate Your Community, Catapult Your Impact

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.”

-Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s quote is vital to carry in your heart at all times, whether you are already leading your own community, thinking of doing so, or you are an important member of one.

Community is all about relationships. In a successful community, there is something that transcends the training. It is the people who share the journey together in meaningful ways.

How do you create a successful community? Here are the top five keys:

  1. Know and live your values-you will be a magnet for like-hearted, like-minded people.
  2. Be clear about your culture-this naturally leads to members feeling welcome, like they are ‘home.’
  3. Know who your ideal people are-it makes your messaging so much easier as you ‘speak’ directly to them, and then they quickly connect with each other.
  4. Have every member of your community feel heard, valued and important-your members will love and adore you, and never leave the community.
  5. Create a safe space-when you build your community on the foundation of trust, this empowers your members to share, to stretch and to keep growing.

Here are some tips to build your dream community:

  • Be delighted to have each member.
  • Smile and hug your members when they come to your events.
  • Love your people.
  • Create opportunities for them to share successes, stories and challenges.
  • Challenge your members to stretch, to take a stepwhatever is next for them.
  • Empower them.
  • Acknowledge each and every member for their success, progress, courage and contribution.
  • Recognize and honor them.
  • Connect with your people, and then connect them with each other.

Cultivate your community and you will undoubtedly catapult your impact!