Living Your Life with Ease 

Live your life in gratitude and with ease. We all have experienced struggle and pain. When I survived a near-fatal car accident in 2002, I learned that life is not always easy. Your mindset creates the experience you live. Choose to be in abundance and happiness, rather than in victim mode or negativity. 

 Complaining about what is wrong in the world helps no one. You feel better, happier and more successful when you notice what is working instead of what isn’t, what is right rather than what is wrong, and what you want rather than what you don’t. This is the law of attraction at work.  

Create more ease and flow in your life with these practices: 

Create and consistently update a “to do” list. Outline and prioritize your list based on what you want personally, professionally and physically. Schedule time to do them. 

Ask for help. Know your “A” team of supporters and enlist them for help. You may want to hire a business coach or a personal trainer. 

Create time for selfcareWhat do your mind and body need? What does your ideal health look like? Plan daily steps to optimize your energy and wellbeing. 

Stay healthy. Movement and good nutrition will create a better life as you age. 

Focus on gratitude. This practice brings more ease and joy into your life.  

Pay attention to what you want and WHY. Get clear with the WHY to design a more meaningful and happy life. 

You can live to the fullest when you are clear about what you want to do. Career success allows you freedom of choice. When your choices are made with ease and flow, you know you are heading toward a meaningful and happy life.