Does that really matter?

We all have our own value system that directs our thoughts and actions.  Some of those values are inherited, some are the result of significant experiences and others have developed over time from study and observation.  Jim Rohn, one of my early...Read More

Getting to the finish line: 5 Reasons (Times) Motivation Matters

Deciding what you want, even how to get it is only part of getting you to where you want to be.  To be successful there is another element required: Knowing why we are doing what we plan to do. Without...Read More

I changed my mind! It’s more than your prerogative!

Personal development expert and author Brian Tracy teaches the value of zero based thinking. This practice invites you to re-examine choices based on the principal of evolving possibilities. While it may seem obvious, we often need to be reminded that for choices to...Read More

Let Your Deeper Intelligence and Wisdom Guide Your Decisions

The problem is clear. The answer is not. Your business presents many problems everyday. Sometimes the solutions are apparent and easily implemented. Other times, the answer is buried deep inside layers of complexity or in different parts of the business. Out-of-the box...Read More

Mentors, Seasons and Your Inner Coach: A Discussion on Growth

There have been many mentors and thought leaders that have influenced and impacted my life over the years. In many cases, these are people I have never met in person. But that has not in any way diminished the value they...Read More

Perfect Just the Way You Are? Perhaps Not!

You are perfect just the way you are! Now that I am a Nana to some pretty spectacular grand-daughters, this is a sentiment that I express on a regular basis. And I absolutely mean it. Those girls are perfection and...Read More