Analyze This

At the end of the month do you wish there was more money in your checking account?

You’re not alone!

As women entrepreneurs, we are an elite breed. For most of us that means being pulled in too many directions and being in a constant state of overload.

How do you rate yourself in these areas?

Life Chart

Do you fit it all in PLUS create the business you always wanted?

I’m Debbie Wysocki and when I was a busy financial analyst working 90 hour work weeks in Beverly Hills, it was a good week if I was hitting 60% of my obligations. How about you?

Well, I knew there had to be a better way to create the kind of life I wanted . . . one that included more flexibility and earning more money.

I’m guessing most of you love what you do, or you wouldn’t be in business! But I’m also guessing as an entrepreneur, you are on overload and are probably not enjoying all the activities you’d like to and in this economy you are probably not generating all the money you’d hoped for.

So what’s the solution?

I sum it up with this quote . . . ‘How you do anything . . . is how you do everything!’

It took me several years to figure it out – I actually thought my business was about my product. Yes, in order to have integrity, you have to represent a product/service that you believe in that delivers the results you promise, BUT it’s not about the product . . .
It’s about YOU SOLVING A NEED and making sure YOUR NAME is the one they think of when that need comes to them.

Don’t you want YOUR Company to be the one people think of when they decide to purchase the ‘green purple people eater’?

It’s all about the relationships you create . . . and how you choose to create them. Will you impact people one person at a time? Will you create a movement that can impact 100s or even thousands?

That’s how I look at my profession . . . network marketing. My job is to solve your problem. If you could add additional cash flow to what you already have in place AND provide your customers with additional value, would you be open to learning more?

That’s the exact approach that introduced me to the thriving direct sales industry, which we’ve all been exposed to. In fact, you’re probably involved in referral marketing already. . . don’t you recommend products and services you like? The question is ‘Are you getting paid for those referrals?’

For approximately 14 years I enjoyed the benefits of the network marketing/direct sales industry in a casual way (an additional income stream)—meaning the small business that I developed generated a modest $500 to $1,000 a month income. While the extra money was nice, it was the benefits that kept me in the game.

• The continuing education – ‘that kept my cup full’
• The travel
• The community of like-minded people
• And the tax benefits. This was a BIG one. Legitimate write-offs allowed me to go from a 35% + tax bracket to 16 – 18%, saving me tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

One thing we can be sure of is life changes, and it certainly did for me shortly after I married. Frankly, I burnt out in my profession and became ill. My immune system broke, and I ended up with fibromyalgia.

The casual network marketing business was my Plan B. After analyzing the benefits, I chose to build a career in the industry, replacing a six figure income in 2 years. Over the next 17 years using relationship marketing, I built a multi-million dollar business with a sales team of over 15,000 people in more than 7 countries.

I fell in love with helping others get what they want. And that’s how Women with Dreams was born – a system to teach women how to market their business, which recently led to the book, BE IRRESISTIBLE: 7 Key Recipes to Attracting a Quality Team Whether You’ve Been in Network Marketing 10 Years or 10 Minutes.

In watching how women do business, it’s clear we ‘do it’ different and are even responsible for influencing 85% of all purchases made!

I encourage you to look at your business with your eyes and heart when you answer the question ‘What problem can I solve?’ When you do this, you will no doubt be treating your customers and potential customers the way you would want to be treated! And ultimately, your name will be the FIRST one people think of when they think of your product or any product related to what you do – you want to BE IRRESISTIBLE and build a COMMUNITY where your customers will be your best promotion because of the great value you have brought them!

That’s what we teach in the 7 Key Recipes for Attracting a Quality Team. Be sure to get your FREE Gift – it’s there for Today’s Entrepreneur Women subscribers!

Debbie Wysocki is a former Beverly Hills financial analyst who reinvented her life. As the owner of Women with Dreams, she loves teaching how to build profitable businesses through the industry of network marketing. Debbie is a wife, mom, Girl Scout Leader, trainer, and a top producer in the MLM industry. Knowing success is about providing solutions, Debbie published BE IRRESISTIBLE.

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