4 Reasons to Meal Plan

Meal PlanHere are my top 4 reasons why you need to meal plan for your family’s financial, mental and physical health.

  1. Saves Money. You’re not throwing out rotten food you didn’t use during the week. Having a meal plan prevents daily trips to the grocery store. And we all know that you go in for one item and end out coming out with a dozen! Also, your meal plan should save you those costly last minute take-out and delivery meals.
  2. Saves Time. Again, the meal plan should save trips to the store, as well as wandering around aimlessly when you are shopping, because you don’t have your meal plan and list. You can also put an end to daily rooting around the fridge/freezer trying to figure out what’s for dinner, because you already know!
  3. Saves Stress. That daily 5pm “what’s for dinner” stress is a big one for most moms, but is easily prevented.
  4. Improves Nutrition. Planning your dinners for the week allows you to create a good nutritional balance. For example: a fish meal, 2 vegetarian meals, 2 chicken, 1 red meat, and 1 leftover/eat out day.

So take that 1 hour on the day before you go grocery shopping to pick out a few recipes for dinner, and make your grocery list accordingly. Make sure you plan your meals around your schedule for the week, so you can have quick meals (ie slow cooker or leftovers) on nights you will not have time to cook. And if you need help, I can get you started with a week or two.

Guest Writer – Jennifer House

I am a Registered Dietitian and mom to two. I have both a BSc and MSc in
nutrition, and work experience at the Alberta Children’s hospital, and
Healthy Babies division of the health region.

My private practice, First Step Nutrition, specializes in nutrition for
families: prenatal, postnatal, infant and toddler nutrition. My services
include nutrition consultations, grocery store tours, diet analysis, meal
plans and group classes. Nourish your growing family with confidence!!

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