The Power of a Personal Manifesto

One of the core reasons I became a life strategist and coach was to work with women like myself that at midlife found themselves adrift from their personal values and dreams. Even after we achieve levels of success, we can be left with a sense of disappointment. We thought we would be happier, more fulfilled. And we simply aren’t. Things have changed. We have changed. It becomes increasingly important to take the time to design and follow a life path that will keep us centered and inspired through the rest of the journey. Because life does in fact go on.

One tool that can be helpful with this is the creation of a personal manifesto. This exercise had a profound effect on my life’s decisions. As a coach, I have also been privileged to see a remarkable transformation for other women. The depth and richness of our lives is determined by how we live our days. With lives now so full of distractions and disruptions, we need guideposts to remind us what matters to us.

Each year I check-in and re-affirm my connection and commitment to my personal manifesto. It is vital to make certain that it remains a reflection of my core values and the principles for each time of my life.  With this year’s review, I am reminded again of the importance of having this level of personal awareness and commitment at the forefront.

I’m sharing mine with you here not for you to follow for yourself, but rather for you to use as a guide for creating your own. There is no magic number of statements required. Mine consists now of twelve. But initially there were only six. Each line that has been added holds its own purpose. Together they form a filter for the significant decisions I make about my life’s direction.

  1. I aspire always to honor God in my thoughts, words and deeds.
  2. I have a responsibility to take care of myself and to live well.
  3. I am here to make a difference and enrich the lives of others.
  4. I recognize that what I do today is forming my tomorrow.
  5. I do not think about what might have been. I act on what will be.
  6. A curious nature is my most valuable trait.
  7. My most powerful tool for myself and others is the right question.
  8. I acknowledge that time is my ultimate resource and ally. I invest it based on where it will realize the best return.
  9. I do not think in terms of failure as a result. I think in terms of effort and experience.
  10. I appreciate that a change of perspective is often the only pathway to true knowledge.
  11. Outside of universal laws, the only rules that apply to me are those that I have accepted. I accept responsibility for my choices.
  12. I understand that fear is a healthy emotion. It is the ultimate expression of respect for what I am undertaking.

Every day we are living our legacy. What we want that to be will should ultimately be what is reflected in the words we choose for our life’s credo.

What would you put in your manifesto?  Begin with the end in mind. Then simply live today like you want tomorrow to be.

Live well.


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