Traveling the Enough Path

Footpath on the park

For those of you who have been traveling the Enough path with me since the beginning of the year, congratulations! We have completed two full months of developing our awareness of living in “enough consciousness.” Daily we are becoming more and more desirous of living a simpler life, of spending more of our precious time with those who matter most to us, of participating in events that have meaning for us and activities that we really enjoy! We are becoming more aware of when we have worked long enough for one day, when we have given enough to others and it’s time to give some attention to ourselves.

We have, haven’t we? Well, maybe and maybe not. The path of enough sounds very simple, and it is “simple,” and yet it can be very, very hard to do. We live in a culture that screams at us from every corner “More, more, more!! More is better!! Bigger is better!!” Feeling deeply that “I am enough, just the way I am” can be very challenging when there is always more we could do, more we could learn, more we could accomplish. We could always do more for our children, our partner, our extended family, our friends. Some of us should get thinner; we should try to learn what to do to be prettier; we should go to the gym more often so we can become stronger and more shapely.

And so, we have chosen to be on this Enough path. By remembering to pay attention, we are coming closer and closer to knowing the answer to the question “How will I know when I have enough?” in whatever areas of our lives are most relevant for us.

As a suggestion, during the next month try the following:

  1. Make sure you have identified one area you would like to focus on, e.g. work, food, stuff, activities.
  1. Ask yourself the question “How will I know when I have enough ____________?”
  1. Just stay with that question until you have a really clear answer that satisfies you for now.
  1. Identify one small step you will take to bring about more of what you desire.
  1. Stick with it!! This is really important.

Good luck! You are on your way to a simpler, more satisfying life.