Ready to BE Uncomfortable for Greater Success

Laura G Digital graphic 3If you’re familiar with Lululemon, the athletic attire company, you know their shopping bag is covered with inspirational statements, compelling you to live a life of inspiration, fun, spontaneity and joy.

While all are powerful, there’s one that I love the most because it beckons you to allow the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you stand on the precipice of a change, or taking a leap of faith, to be your guide.  It says, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

What are five things that scare you?  Being transparent about your feelings? Going for the big bodacious goal?  Putting yourself first? Actions that stir your soul and open your heart?  Meditating every day?What’s always been interesting is how often people will complain about their life, saying it’s the “same ole same ole” (predictable and boring), yet won’t venture into living outside of their comfort zone.

Sure, some level of routine is good, such as brushing your teeth every day, flossing, and getting a good night’s sleep—oh, and eating food for fuel.  However, other than that, it’s game on!!

Your genius and success, your fulfillment is waiting for you just outside your comfort zone.  Which means the goal of living, living conscious rather than on automatic pilot, is to step across the invisible line, to follow the butterflies for happiness, success, and fulfillment.

For clarity, identify at least five things you’re scared of and then feel the butterflies and choose one daily.  It may be that you change your daily routine; you drive to work a different way, you try a new class or food choice, on one level.

For your business, it could be that you increase your revenue/sales calls, or you do the thing you know your business needs you to do but that you’re scared of.

Here’s the promise offered when you decide to BE uncomfortable—you can make a radical choice to create who you are becoming rather than settling for who you are.  You can create a life and business that is vibrant, alive, fulfilling and successful from the inside out – let me show you how.

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