Authentic Marketing Starts Within: Part One

Linda Basso Print 4 graphicThe first in a series about marketing from within to bring about the best results—for you and your clients!

The four pillars of spiritual marketing involve getting clear on the truth, plan, message and path within your business. The first pillar—the truth—is the powerful foundation that aligns you and your approach for more ease.

How to sit in your marketing truth:

•    Get clear on your unique YOU. In marketing, we talk a lot about your ideal clients and what they are like. We don’t spend as much time talking about the unique vision and special something that you bring to the table. But that’s exactly what is making your business possible at all. Be bold in owning your point of view, your perspective and yes, even your quirks. It’s your particular vision that makes you who you are! I often see women entrepreneurs discounting their views, which is a mistake. Own your unique perspective and bring it to your products/services, marketing messages, sales conversations and client relationships. That’s being authentically visible.
•    Admit what’s really true. Sometimes it’s scary to admit your truth. What if it is in conflict with someone else’s? Or if it means you need to make changes? Better to go on pretending everything’s okay. Not really. I didn’t say you have to act on it, at least not yet. The first step is admitting your own truths in your business. What it is you want—and don’t. Doing so brings a strange sensation of freedom. That’s because telling the honest truth is an act of being present to all parts of yourself. Marketing from there is easier because it is authentic.

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