The Money Tree

Lu Casillas Article 4 Image money treeHypothetically, what if you could have your own money tree? What dreams and desires would it feed? Could it give you more freedom? Perhaps more things. When I asked ten women this question, it was interesting to hear many say they wanted more THINGS, like purses, cars and clothing. Only a small percentage was thinking long-term.

Long-term thinking is crucial today. Does that sound boring? What’s not being addressed is lowering your future taxes and limiting volatility, making sure that if you become ill, you will have the funds to protect your family and/or received treatments deserved without losing your hard-earned money.

So, hypothetically, I give you a money tree that fruits $12,000 annually, and I show you a place to house that $12,000 a year for ten years – that’s $120,000 – and it gives you:

  • Guaranteed compound growth
  • Low volatility
  • Lower taxes
  • Guaranteed tax- free income for  life
  • Emergency family protection
  • Protection in case of chronic, critical or terminal illness
  • The ability for your business to continue even without you

Would you nurture that tree? Or would you pluck it bald and start over annually, only to end up with no future growth after those ten years?

Only 31 percent of the labor force participates in a 401k. Of those, the majority tap that plan before age 59 ½. Meaning, not only do they pay taxes, but they pay a 10 percent penalty. For the 80 percent of bankruptcies that happen, did you know that about 68 percent of them happen because of illness? Health Insurance doesn’t cover everything.

There is a way to build your financial future that’s like a money tree. Walt Disney did it! It’s called an Insured Investment.

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