How to Create Success with Ease

andrea-w-print-pic-5Imagine you are going on a road trip to a new place. Do you get in your car and head in the general direction, hoping you will find it? If you are like me, with no sense of direction, you will never be seen again!

In the same way, are you hoping for greater success in your business and your life, yet not reaching it?

Clearly, hoping is not a great strategy when it comes to both travel and life. It is the opposite of having total clarity, knowing exactly what you want-your destination-and having a plan to get there.

The first step is to give yourself permission to dream. See yourself celebrating huge successes in all areas of your life.  Ask yourself powerful questions to access those successes.

Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself to access those successes:

  • What am I celebrating?
  • What have I accomplished, learned or experienced?
  • What have I catapulted to a whole new level?
  • Who have I inspired and impacted?
  • How have I made a difference?

Feel free to add additional questions that inspire you and make your tummy tingle. Once you are clear about what you are celebrating, you know what success you want to create.

Here are five simple steps you can take to bring those successes to life with ease:

  1. Create a vision document with those successes, organized by area (for example, business, health, fun, family and friends, making a difference, etc.).
  2. Add a clear timeline-by when your whole vision will be accomplished, as well as each item.
  3. Pick your top three items-the ones you want to accomplish first.
  4. Chunk each one down into the steps it will take to reach it.
  5. Get into action!

Have fun creating success with ease!