HELP = Help Enables Life’s Passions

bibi-print-image-choice-2Most entrepreneurs think they need to focus on getting customers. They don’t factor in the other administrative and customer service tasks required to maintain those clients.

Many small business owners struggle to ask for help. I know. I’m one of them.

We know how important delegating is, and yet find it the most difficult to do even more so for women.

I’ve discovered during five years of creating systems to assist clients with the delegation process how important trust is. This is similar to other relationships, in that when you have been let down or burned, it is harder to let it go the next time.

Everyone can use a little help, whether you’re a business owner, a corporate employee, or an active parent in your community. Here’s a great way to determine where you could use that help:

  1. Get a small notebook.
  2. Use a single sheet to document a task or errand
  3. Note the day and time
  4. At the end of the week, make three stacks with your sheets: Love to Do, Need to Do, and Would Rather Poke My Eyes Out Than Do. 
  5. That last stack will be what you start delegating.

It’s important as you begin this process that you look at overall tasks. Don’t get too detailed until you’ve determined what to delegate.

There are many opportunities for assistance, especially virtually. Be diligent in deciding who you work with. They need to be a partner and feel as invested in what they do for you as you do. They should know your expectations.

Be specific and put your requests in writing. When you’re working with someone virtually, schedule weekly “huddles” to review the previous and upcoming weeks. Help Enables Life’s Passions. Enjoy what you do and give the rest to someone else.

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