Give, and You Will Receive

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Who would have thought that giving would be the answer to being stuck, unhappy, limited and frustrated? Giving is one of the most powerful sacred practices that fuels joy, eases pain, connects you to your source, and triggers happiness and success. 

Many people are afraid to give. You may think that what you have is not enough, or that you have nothing to give. However, giving is not exclusive to money. Here are two routine practices to implement today to position you to give and receive; hence you participate in the “divine circulation of the universe.”

Three Ways to Give with Ease 

  1. Go into your closet. Monthly, I go into my closet and release the clothes I keep hoping I can wear or that are not aligned with who I am now. I give them to those who can use them.
  1. Give differently. We recycle. My son used to take our plastic bottles to Ralph’s market and I would give him the money for his bank. Recently, we decided to give the plastic bottles to the homeless.
  1. Give what others need. Take a day and challenge yourself to give compliments. Help to a co-worker or neighbor, or simply open the door for someone juggling items. Handwrite a note to someone.

The “receive” part of this process is what is so powerful, unexpected, and heart and soul fulfilling. When you are aware of the “receive” feeling, it alleviates any feeling of giving to an empty hole. Know that as you give to others, you receive from the universe, which fuels your joy and sense of fulfillment.

Also, what the universe has for you could show up in a myriad of ways, so keep a lookout, because it will be different. It will ignite something within you-and that’s your gift.