Women and Income

lu-casillas-digital-image-6Should women really consider having two forms of income? Have you ever looked at your closest circle of friends? You may have a friend who has a career, a friend who has a career and a part-time job, or even a friend who started her own side business on top of what she already does.


I’ve always found the need to have additional income. It made sense to me to do something extra that gave me joy, and to use that income to support either a need or entertainment. In my twenties, I had an annual part-time boutique craft business. I would earn and use that money to pay my annual auto insurance so it didn’t come out of my regular income.

In my thirties, I started with Mary Kay, Inc. First, I wanted to get my skincare and makeup at 50 percent off. Second, I wanted to give my family more tax deductions. The extra income was “mad money.” The beauty of multi-level marketing businesses is the business education that comes with it.

As I entered my forties and started a commission-only business, I thought about what would be fun and a bonus to me as well. Clothing! So I started a spring and fall fashion boutique with my friend, who was in real estate. We hosted events at yacht clubs and private homes eight weeks out of the year. We got our new casual wardrobe at cost and had enough income for our needs.

What would you want to do to increase your income and also add to your already-busy life that would give you joy? Those who make time enjoy their busy lifestyle and those who waste time never have time for anything. Which are you? Perhaps a side business can fund your future retirement!