The Most Important Next Step

JustDoItDuring this year we have been walking the Sign of Enough path, which invites us to work with the question “How will I know when I have enough?” using whatever areas of our lives call for our attention.

It might be “how will I know when I have enough stuff?” or “how will I know when I’m spending enough time with those I love most?” or “how will I know when I’ve had enough of the growing economic inequality in this country?” And if you are reading about this idea for the first time, welcome! I am delighted you have joined us.

I think it is important to take stock of where we are at this point in the year. We have two months remaining in 2016. What are some of the things you had promised yourself you would do this year?

In relation to our “Enough” journey, I invite you to consider or to reconsider some of these questions:

* Is there any area of your home and/or office that feels particularly cluttered?

* If you knew you actually have everything you really need right now, what would change for you

* What are some of the things that you have too much of? When you think about them, how do you feel?

* When you think of all the things you have done so far today and all the things you still have to do, is it true that each of the things HAS to be done? And if it is true, does it have to be done by you?

* If you knew that what you need and want is just as important as what anyone else needs and wants, what would change for you?

* What are you assuming right now about the sufficiency or the lack of sufficiency in your current situation?

* What happens for you if you say to yourself “Be content with what you have and realize there is nothing lacking”?

While it certainly is true that many people in the world do not have enough of what they really need, that probably is not true for many of us reading this magazine.

With that in mind, which question above feels most important right now? Promise yourself that you will work with it for just one month. This is not easy to do, so be content with “baby steps.” What is the first baby step you will take today?