How to Simplify Your Blogging

Blogging is not supposed to be tedious because it’s a rather relaxed form of writing, but some people encounter difficulties maintaining blogs.
If you’re one of them, here are a few useful tips.


Keep a Pen and Paper Handy
You never know when inspiration could strike, so always have a pen and a small notebook ready where you can write down anything interesting that crosses your mind any time, any where. This way, you can go back to that inspiration when you’re finally in front of your computer and ready to blog away.

Create a “Keywords” List
If you’re doing SEO writing for your own blog, it’s best if you create a list of keywords that you will likely use and how best to use them in the blog. This way, you can consider the effectiveness of the keywords and how to phrase them naturally and thus avoid deadlocks.


Make a Schedule
It’s always wise to set a schedule. You can do this using your computer, or you can write it down on paper if necessary. Include rest and personal time. Should emergencies arise, your set schedule will let you know how far behind you are and how much work you need to do to be on track again or if it’s time to ask for help.


Encourage Guest Posts
If you’re preoccupied with other things or feeling burnt out, guest posts are very helpful. To ensure the quality of guest posts, set clear requirements so you won’t feel bad rejecting a badly written submission.


Recycle Old Posts
If you’re busy and also do not have any guest posts, you can always rewrite an old post. Write it in a new angle, make it timely if applicable, and add those elements that you originally left out because it made the post too long for comfort. If the old post was all text, maybe you can add a photo this time. The blog post should be something you enjoyed writing to avoid feeling “forced” to rewrite it.


Don’t Think That You Are Blogging
When blogging, sometimes we get too focused on what the readers might think about our posts. Will they like it? Will they be amazed? Or will they find something wrong with it?


People will always have something to say, be it good or bad. Sometimes it helps to forget that you are blogging when you are blogging. It takes the pressure off your shoulders and lets you enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t forget, blogging is supposed to be fun.