Celebrate Your 2016 Success Now

If you are not already well into your 2017 planning, you will be soon. The thing about high-achieving women is that we often do not stop to revel in our accomplishments before we start to work on the next one. I want to encourage you to instead do just that.

Take time to not only reflect, but to write down all the successes you have enjoyed this year.

Answer these questions to get you started:

  • What did you do for the first time ever?
  • Did you create any new products, programs or offerings?
  • Did you win any awards or special recognition?
  • What new alliances or new distribution channels did you
  • create?
  • Where did you experience growth or expansion?
  • How were your revenue or profit numbers better than
  • the year before?

Once you have written your answers, make some recommendations for what you want to accomplish next. Then of course, celebrate all your success. Another year in business, that in and of itself is well worth the celebration. Take time to revel in all you have accomplished.

I want to thank you for all your support and friendship this past year. Our publication has arrived at the one year mark. Thank you to our awesome publication team Angela Dennis, Karen Gargulio, Jill Joyce, Libby Robinson and Tammy Tribble.

Plus, of course a huge thank you to each of our featured expert writers: Kim Acedo, Tobey Allen, Aeriol Ascher, Linda Basso, Lu Casillas, Jennifer Darling, Marion Gellatly, Laura Gisborne, Bibi Goldstein, Sara Hart, Benita Ibrahim, Nancy Karas, Kathi Laughman, Linda Lenore, Nancy Lewellen, Rayna Lumbard, Jenenne Macklin, Candy Messer, Diana Morgan, Paula Pacheco, Lee Richter, Robbin Simons, Sandy Stelter, Erin Summ, Robin Taney, Tammy Tribble, Andrea Woolf and Laurie Zerga.

We have more in store for 2017. Talk to you then. For now, go celebrate.

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