Lesson #1 of 3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays

We’re just a few weeks into my 4-week Merry & Light Holiday Challenge and I wanted to share with you some great takeaways and lessons the ladies are having. My hope is that maybe one or two of these resonate with you and will help you stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing with you these three lessons. Instead of giving them to you all at once, I thought it would be helpful to share them one by one.
My hope is that it will help you focus how you might apply each lesson to your life, maybe not just over the holidays, but into the next year.
Here we go with Lesson #1 of 3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays!


Instead of thinking, “What will I miss out on?”, think, “What will I GAIN?”

We all have it – F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out).

One holiday challenger was debating whether or not to go to a holiday party at work. They usually have a ton of sweets and treats. She knew her friends would be there and it would be a fun time, but she also knew that those tempting treats would only veer her off her healthy holiday plan.

Here’s what she learned:

Instead of “F.O.M.O. thinking”, “What will I miss out on?”, she considered thinking, “What will I gain by not going and overindulging on treats?”

By not going to the party and not focusing on what she’ll miss out on, rather what she would gain, she was able to keep momentum going forward.

This is a really important lesson because it’s hard to make a U-turn once we’re going a certain direction. Besides, when we have to make a U-turn, not only do we lose momentum, but it also takes a lot of energy – energy we can put into other things.

On the other hand, momentum doesn’t take as much energy. Once we’re going in a certain direction, it’s easier to stay the course. And the longer we’re staying the course, that’s when the habit has been solidified and we start seeing great results.

This is why I harp on the importance of coaching – I have a coach too. A coach offers you clarity, insight, accountability, support, and guidance on your way toward your best self. They keep your momentum moving forward. Are there stoplights along the way? Sure! But with a coach, you’re less likely to sit at that stoplight for very long.

My question for you to consider today based on Lesson #1 is:

In what circumstances this holiday season do you feel like you’ll miss out on something if you don’t go or don’t eat this or that?

Can you change your thinking to what you might GAIN by not going or not overindulging?

It’s important to consider that “not going” or “not indulging” is not always the right choice. If you want to go, then go! However, realize what temptations might surround you and prepare for them accordingly.

Not sure if you should go?

The best question to ask yourself is: Will it be worth it?

Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it’s no. No one can answer that but you.

Hope you resonated with something today. If so, great!

Stay tuned for Lesson #2 coming your way really soon!