BIGGER VISION, Evolving Brand

Many entrepreneurs start their business because they love what they do, know they have massive value to bring and want to help others. They tentatively dip their little toe into the entrepreneurial pool or they dive right in. Either way, they start with a mission, a goal and an idea of whom they will serve and how. This shapes their brand and is the basis for the vision for their business.

As the business grows and they serve more peeps, entrepreneurs find that they need to be open to a bigger vision and allow their business to experience massive growth in ways they never imagined. Some ways your business can grow and evolve organically:

  • Your clients ask for services you didn’t realize they wanted.
  • You decide you prefer doing some services over others and start phasing out the less desirable ones.
  • A whole new clientele is attracted to you and you alter your offerings to serve them.
  • You uncover a need you didn’t see when you started your business.
  • You unearth hidden potential for growth and gain clarity on your next steps.
  • You find your passion and modify your business to fuel that passion and joy.

Now that you have a bigger vision for your business, it is time to do a brand check to ensure it evolves too. Don’t force your new, more exciting vision into your existing brand without checking to see if it is congruent. You may need to refine your mission statement, upgrade your elevator speech, check your website content along with the look and feel of your branding, and determine what needs elevating.

Your brand and all your business communications should mimic your message, speak directly to your ideal peeps and magnetically draw them to your products and services. If not, it’s time to evolve your brand to match your bigger, more exciting vision.