Liberate Your Soul through GLOW

I’ve had so many conversations with people looking for that magic bullet outside of themselves to fix the pain in their lives. Truth be told, there is no magic bullet. In order to get to where you want to go, it takes hunger-hunger for change, to stand in your truth and to get off being “RIGHT” about your beliefs and assumptions. Hunger to be authentic and to live a much bigger life in which you can see, feel and own your gifts, and then contribute them to humanity. 

We live in a culture of quick fixes. People are always asking me for the magic bullet that will liberate them from the bondage of their thoughts and beliefs that seem so real and have become habituated over the years.

Here’s my truth. To make deep changes in your life, it requires GLOW: a desire to Grow, to Love and Be Loved, to Be Open and to be Willing. It also requires investing in your personal development. Change does not come easily to most human beings. We hold on to what we know, rather than being willing to be in the unknown. The magic in life lives in the realm of the unknown. This is where you learn, grow and GLOW.

Instead, we choose to reside in our comfort zone, rather than being willing to do what it takes to break through old beliefs and patterns that keep us stuck. We then live in hope that the patterns and stories that have stunted our growth will magically disappear for good.

Liberation and freedom take courage, work and a commitment to invest in yourself for the rest of your life.

I invite you to declare what you want for your life and allow yourself to walk through your FEAR: Face Everything and RISE!