Branding: What does it mean?

The term branding literally comes from the cattle industry: branding a cow to identify the ranch it belongs to. Branding cattle became a symbol of quality and consistency because the buyers knew which ranches produced the healthiest livestock and the best meat. Cattle buyers formed an emotional connection with their preferred brand through a continued relationship and positive dealings with the ranchers and a consistency in product and service.

The technical definition of branding is the identity of a specific product, service or business. It can be a name, sign, symbol, color, slogan or even sound. The reality is that branding is so much more; it is the emotional feeling a client associates with your mark. The emotion is based on a promise being delivered and an expectation of consistent value and worth. The client fills comfortable when purchasing a product or service from a familiar brand. It is this emotional connection to the client that is the foundation of your growing business and the launching point for building a brand identity and standing out from the crowd.

Branding also benefits your business by adding value. Businesses with a strong brand can charge more for products and services than a competitor with an identical product or service that is not professionally branded. Having a strong brand legitimizes businesses and allows competition with more established companies. Also, branded businesses are typically more resilient in troubled economic times.

Your business is amazing and you have so much to offer. Now let’s tell everyone by defining and communicating your brand!

md_jbd_01James Branch has become known throughout the bay area for adding value to neighborhoods and making a positive difference in the future of the city. People recognize the tree logo and know they can expect great things in their community.

Inprise Corporation used their annual report to solidify the new name and brand to their shareholders and clients. Inprise software takes an enterprise from chaos to clarity, making  all systems work together for increase productivity and profit. Using compelling images and large quotes, we used their logo to communicate this value.