Build a Heart-Centered Community and Watch Your Business Soar

Community is a powerful force for positive change in the world. This power can propel you and your business forward beyond your wildest dreams. Why build this kind of community? Because people do business with people and companies that value them and make them feel good.

Now, more than ever, community is needed because the power to change the world lies in creating community. As women, we often lead with our hearts despite being told that this not the best way to proceed. There is one word for leading with the heart: passion. This word no one can dispute.


What kind of community do you want to build? A heart-centered community, of course. Take your heart and your passion and put your GPS (genius, purpose, service) to work. No matter what type of business you have or what type of community you choose to create, start with your personalized GPS system to grow, sustain and nurture your community.


  • GENIUS- Everyone comes with unique gifts. We are each endowed with our own genius. Discover what is unique about you and bring that to your community. Ask your community and you may be delighted at how they see your genius, even when you can’t.
  • PURPOSE- This may take a long time to discover if you go it alone. However, in a community it is easier to discover your purpose. Touch your heart and find your passion. That is your purpose revealed.
  • SERVICE- Whatever it is you do, serve beyond the expected. Providing impeccable service is becoming a lost art. Place your focus on excellent service and your community becomes loyal. Loyalty builds sustainability.
Start using this GPS system now. The word community can be defined as common unity. Create this common unity and you will see your business soar beyond your wildest dreams!