Rewrite the Stories in Your Head and Love Life

As a psychologist, I have heard just about everything from I want to die, I want to kill someone, to My life is wonderful and I still don’t know what’s keeping me stuck from the life I know I deserve. HELP!

In a nutshell, if you’re not loving life, it’s your story. Psychologists listen to stories to transform lives. The story is the key to taking your power back. It is the “conscious creator” who manifests the story you want to live your life into. What are you telling yourself? Are you willing to be wrong about your story to have your wildest dreams come true? Would you rather be right or would you rather be rich, madly in love, living in bliss, ____________?

It really is that simple.

If you haven’t implemented your dreams and or completed your life’s passion and purpose, a block exists. Owning your story is how to remove it. Most people need help removing that block.

The Own Your Story process helps shift innumerable self-sabotaging playbacks into uplifted conscious creations that focus on result-oriented manifestations so you live the life you love.

Choose to Become the Conscious Author of Your Life:

A – Acknowledge you have a story that you’re living yourself into.

U – Uncover, find, and inspect your current story. How is that working for you?

T – Thoughts are things. What is your story creating?

H – Halt, hold, hug, and acknowledge the hurt of the old story.

O – Organize and be open to the new story.

R –Release your fears, reveal the ROI (return on investment) and reflect the magic of your life.

Remember, God may be the creator, but you are the author of your story. Change the story. Uplift and empower your life. Learn how with my gift