Marketing Means Building Community

Marketing is really about creating relationships. It’s not about creating ads, building your brand or even growing your list. People buy from others they resonate with. If someone is a name on your list, and they do not feel your desire to have a relationship or to really know them, they’ll move on to someone else. Why? Because we are people! And most people have the need to connect, to be seen and to be heard. If you’re not creating a relationship through your marketing, you’re missing your real opportunity: building community.

These tips can help create community through your marketing:

Express authentically: You have to be the real you in your copy, conversations and marketing materials. Do not hide behind stock photos and generic words. Work with someone who can bring you to life in your marketing elements. Take a look at your materials—do they reflect the real you people in your personal life know? If not, it is time to refresh.

Take steps: No one likes the person who tries to sell them something as soon as they meet. Like any relationship, your contacts with potential clients should encourage small steps to get to know one another. This means taking time to learn what their needs are and taking action on ways you can support them before they become customers.

Share freely: Giving away your expertise is a great way to get a relationship going or to cement a blossoming one. Honestly, you cannot give away too much! Even if the person doesn’t become a client right away, experiencing your expertise creates trust, sets them up to refer you to others and puts them in your community category.

Upgrade your business by taking action now on these three tips to build community through your marketing.

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