Facebook: A Powerful Tool for Thought Leaders

Many people, including conscious thought leaders and change makers, shy away from Facebook because they experience it as superficial, a waste of time. True, it can be superficial, and it can be used for negative purposes.


Guess what! Facebook can also be used as a powerful force for positive change in the world!


Here are three things you can do to turn your Facebook activities into powerful actions that reflect the thought leader you are!

Your Core Message


Think about your core message. What do you want people to grasp from your social media messaging? Every time you get ready to LIKE, comment, share and post, be intentional with your words. Meet your people at their map of the world by sharing wisdom, stories and experience that they can relate to. Share inspiration and give people hope by using your social media to lead them to the possibility of transformation in their livesthe transformation that you offer.


The People You Play With 


Who do you “play” with on social media? Are you engaging with people whose message is in alignment with your core message? Do you share the same values with the people whose content you are liking, commenting on and sharing? Are you following people whose followers are the people you want to reach? Are they also thought leaders? Find people to play with on Facebook who are actively using it as a tool for transformation.


What Are You Sharing?


Think about the people you want to reach. Share your inspiring and educational message so they feel like you “get” them. You want them to feel a sense of relief as they read your social media posts, that you actually understand their challenges and that help and hope are there for them to experience positive transformation.
Use social media to make a positive impact!