Three Must-Have Elements for Effective Leadership in Any Aspect of Your Life

Whether you want to grow your capacity for leadership in your career, at home, as a parent, as a mentor or even as a friend, you need a foundation upon which to lead. In fact, when we are not successful as leaders, it’s because we lack one of these three elements.

1. A Compelling Vision 
A leader who does not try to create change isn’t leading much at all. I love the quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This applies to leaders first and foremost. A true leader walks her talk.

If you are being the change, who is it that you are actually being?
Identify the top three qualities that you want to have as a leader, and embody them as you take action toward your goals.


2. Time to Grow and Be
Authentic leadership develops when and if you know honestly who it is you are being. That takes consistent work over time as you form a habit and make the mental connections that ensure it lasts. Keep working even through the “messy middle”-the moments where you feel like you’ve failed as a true leader. Over time, your results will astound you.

3. A Supportive Space
Many people live with a messy desk or a cluttered home and think it has nothing to do with their ability to work, live or bring about change.

What they don’t realize is that your environment is a reflection of your mind.
If your space is a mess, your mind will be too. Creativity craves clarity. To come up with creative solutions and lead with authenticity, you need a space that supports your efforts with calm, chaos-free beauty.


In the space where you most often lead, take a few quiet moments to reflect on what you need to change to accurately reflect your mind.