Fearless Financial Mastery: The Courage is the Key

What do you feel or experience when the subject of finances comes up? Fear, anxiety, worry, embarrassment, excitement, peace? Perhaps a combination of all of those in the span of a minute. I completely understand. I’ve been there and so have the women I serve.
The one thing I know for sure: getting the skill to manage money starts with courage. Courage to ask for the sale. Courage to decide this is the last year of financial feast or famine. Courage to be honest about what has been hiding in your heart.

Fearless financial mastery is acting in spite of fear. Generally, people deal with finances when they experience one of these – a diagnosis, death, divorce or debt. How can you deal with finances before experiencing one of the dreaded D’s? Courageously, with clarity, communication and commitment.
Clarity-Be clear about the current state of your finances. Notice your emotions. Do you feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty? Set time aside to get clear about the direction in which you want your life to go and what level of finance it will take to get there with ease.
Communication-Who do you have to speak to about the changes that will occur to make your financial goals happen? A spouse, a business partner, family members? Communicate expectations. Listen, without judgment, to others’ expectations. Discuss values, priorities and each person’s picture of success.
Commitment-Develop the plan of committed action to get your finances to the place you once dreamed and hoped. Ask the key stakeholders what they are willing and able to do to ensure success, and write it down. This will remind you of the why so you don’t lose your way.
Fearless financial mastery translates to fear LESS and LEAD more. It all starts with courage.
Audrey Godwin is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps heart-centered, smart and decisive women business owners go from financially stretched to financially secure. As a direct result of applying Audrey’s Positioned 4 Profit System, her clients increase cash flow and profitability while decreasing stress and worry. Contact Audrey at audrey@resilientbusinessolutions.com or 206-579-1063.