Listen, Learn and Lead Your Way to Excellent Leadership

When you think of leadership, what kind of person comes to mind? A president? A minister? A mother? Great leaders are great because they serve those who stand behind them and stand up for them.

Nelson Mandela, a great leader, popularized the term “Lead from behind.” Brilliant leaders understand this strategy of leading.

Presidents are always on stage and out front. Ministers are always in front of a congregation. Mothers, however, are generally in the background. Yet they are some of the most powerful when it comes to leadership.

Mothers are powerful, quiet and discerning. They are always listening, learning and leading, which are my top three qualities for a great leader.

Listening. Leadership requires the most excellent of listening skills. Being a good listener helps you acquire the skills of discernment, compassion and focus. Good listeners learn to fully engage and focus on the person, issue or matter in front of them.

Learning. Good leaders are consummate learners. They are students of life. Their minds remain open, curious and flexible. Knowing that learning never stops gives the leader the opportunity to broaden perspective, expand awareness and, therefore, expand possibility and influence.

Leading. Constant learning broadens scope and shapes opinions. This makes leaders’ own principles and opinions stronger, thus creating greater influence and impact.

Presidents, ministers and mothers are all considered leaders. However, my vote is for mothers, because they embody the qualities of leadership. They have mastered the art of leading by example.

Mothers are clear communicators. They are kind and strong. They are master multi-taskers. Mothers can focus, see through the mess and get the job done.

They have grace, elegance and excellence. Mothers are leaders like the lioness, they know when to purr and when to roar.

When it comes to leadership, my vote is for the one who possesses the consciousness of the mother.