How to Be Happier at Work

To be happier at work, you must become intentional about it-to make it a conscious daily choice. It is the same as making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are three ways to be happier at work:

  1. Start the day on a positive note. How you feel in the morning affects how you feel at work all day. In one study, researchers analyzed the moods and performance of customer service representatives. The results proved that 23 percent of the individuals were more productive during the day and reported having more positive interactions with customers when they started the day with a positive mindset.
  2. Decide in advance. One of the hardest aspects of any job can be the number of daily decisions you have to make. “Decision fatigue” is real, and each decision depletes your cognitive resources. This means that the more decisions you have to make, the more exhausted and run down you feel. Try putting some decision-making on Have your outfits and meals planned for the week. Decide in advance when you’ll go to the gym. Once you have made these decisions, stick to them and follow through!
  3. Help others. Being kind to your co-workers can create a virtuous cycle. According to a recent study, happier workers help their colleagues 33 percent more than unhappy workers. Helping can be as simple as grabbing your colleague’s favorite beverage when you get your coffee, or asking her if she needs help on a specific project. The challenge is making this a regular part of your day instead of something you do only once in a while. Consider putting a reminder on your calendar. You might be surprised at how effective this small habit can become. helps people find more meaning and joy in their lives. Implementing these three behaviors is a great way to start!