Developing Your Leadership Qualities Invites Success

Business education and studies often look at reasons businesses fail. What makes them successful? One of the most important factors is the people. You, the leader, are the most important person in your company. A Gallup Poll between 2013 and 2015 reviewed the reasons people think businesses fail. The most critical element was the leader. Let’s look at five qualities of successful leaders and how to develop them.

  1. Passion inspires others.
  2. Empower people on your team and let them contribute.
  3. Integrity creates trust.
  4. Courage means acting even with fear.
  5. Open-mindedness allows curiosity and creativity.

These are some of the most important of many qualities. You can develop good leadership by understanding the qualities and practicing them. Who will you be as a successful leader? What skills will you need? What support? Here are some actions to take to develop your leadership skills.

  1. Write a journal: Document your leadership activity, note what worked and consider upgrades.
  2. Find a mentor: The most successful leaders have mentors and advisers.
  3. Take on leadership roles: Start with community leadership or volunteer roles.
  4. Improve communication: Communication is critical to all interaction.
  5. Understand personality styles: There are multiple personality tests available. Take one.
  6. Read leadership books: Many books have been written on leadership. Read at least one a year.

Integrate leadership into what you do every day. Each of us is capable of leading. The first step is to stand in your integrity and know yourself. Know your passion and your gifts, and then build a team to support you. Always remember to have an open mind, be curious. These qualities provide an environment for creativity. When you and your team are creative, solutions to problems and ideas for new products and services arise. Success and abundance are the results.