What are you tolerating that is keeping you stuck?

Often in business we keep our focus on the things that are the most important: serving our clients, making sales, or paying bills. Because we put our energy toward the most important tasks, we sometimes inadvertently put up with things that are not ideal.

Take a moment right now and ask yourself— what are you tolerating? It might be a stressful relationship, a disorganized office, or a website that you are embarrassed to show anyone. When there is something in your business that you are tolerating, it is draining your energy, decreasing your self-esteem and maybe even interfering with your business effectiveness.

Pay attention to what you are tolerating, make a list, and begin to eliminate one item after another. This will free up your time, improve your clarity, and increase your overall success as a thriving woman in business. Stop Tolerating It and Get Unstuck!

Here to support you!

Caterina Rando, TWIB Magazine Publisher

One thought on “What are you tolerating that is keeping you stuck?

  1. Caterina, thank you for this post. I know for me, when I’m tolerating a thing that is not ideal in my life or business it can feel like a pebble in my shoe. It takes my focus and energy off other important things around me until I resolve (eliminate) the issue.

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