Create Your SpaLife Network in Three Easy, Breezy Steps

Once you’ve committed to living the SpaLife-a life with balance in all areas to support your dreams, and has the feeling you get when walking into a spa-you must build a network around you of like-minded people who not only support your journey, but are also part of the journey with you!

You already know the importance of removing toxic relationships and always being honest, straightforward and clear with everyone you meet.

Creating a SpaLife network goes beyond those steps. In order to create balance and harmony, it’s necessary to enroll the people around you in your vision of living a life of clarity, consciousness and contribution. This includes a social network, both online and offline, as well as a professional network. With these in mind, let’s take three simple steps to create our own SpaLife Support System!

Join like-minded groups online. Look at your Facebook news feed. On a scale of one to ten, how SpaLife would you say it is? Why not join some online groups, including mine, that are filled with people who are just as committed as you are?

Find an encouragement partner. In your offline life, do you have a SpaLife sidekick? Team up with a friend and encourage each other to live in harmony. What if you made a pact with one of your closest friends that you were both going to visit the spa once per month, no matter what?

Talk about your business vision. Do your referral sources understand who your ideal client is? It’s essential that they give you referrals that are in alignment with your SpaLife commitment. If not, talk to them about your vision. Share what you want.

Using these three steps, you’ll soon have a solid network of people who are there to support your SpaLife journey!

Speaker, author, organizational expert and founder of SpaLife, Diane Halfman is on an international mission to help passionate, high-achieving women entrepreneurs learn to live a life by design and not default. As the SpaLife curator, she shows successful women how to infuse more harmony into the nine elements of their lives to consciously create more peace, beauty, freedom, and joy; all of which have a positive influence on the lasting impact and contribution that women-who are inspired, supported, and loved-make to the world. To find out more and get your copy of Diane’s ebook, Nine Secrets to Step into Your SpaLife, visit her website,