Creating Support to Soar

Have you ever thought about the power of using social media as a tool for support? Here are three ways to use social media to create support in your business:

Use Social Media to Create Support for your Clients to Soar

Social media is a powerful tool you can use with your programs to support your clients. Create a private Facebook Group. During the program, participants can connect with you and each other. Post tips and information. Answer questions. After the class, stay connected in the group by offering ongoing tips and tools. Participants can stay in touch with their fellow participants as well.

Use Social Media to get Support and Feedback

I use social media for support when I’m having a challenge. I post my challenge in my newsfeed or in a group, and I always get lots of suggestions and comments. For example, I have asked for help with wording on workshop flyers, titles of events, program content suggestions and even feedback on my headshots and logo. It’s a great way to engage your followers and do market research.

Support People in Their Businesses by Sharing Their Message

It’s powerful to support businesses by sharing their promotions and content. This extends their reach. When you share someone’s content on Facebook, they get a notification, and that “link love” goes a long way toward good will. They notice and remember you! You can also use social media to support others by giving testimonials. Post the testimonial on your newsfeed and tag the person you are referring to, or add the testimonial to their LinkedIn recommendations. They will get a notification of the mention and be thrilled!

Social media is a great avenue to give and receive support. Use these three tips and watch your connections and your business soar!