The Next Evolution in Marketing and Sales

No matter what business you are in, what niche you serve, if you are marketing online or through email, you’re likely experiencing crappy open rates, increased opt-outs and declining conversion. These are clear signs that your would-be clients are demanding a change in the way you court and close your ideal clients.

From Frustration to Innovation

For years, guru-centered” marketing is what’s worked. A typical call to action invites prospects to click on a link to learn about the expert, how they can help and what makes them so cool. As I watched my prospects become more and more disengaged, I searched for ways to bring more meaning and significance to the sales process.

What I discovered was what we now refer to as “prospect-centered marketing. It’s a process of using self-assessments to shine the light on the prospect and help them discover exactly what they need.

By infusing self-assessments into your marketing and sales process you will:

  • Create meaningful connections with your prospects
  • Help prospects discover where they’re on track and what’s holding them back
  • Articulate how you can help prospects fill in the gaps for greater success
  • Give your precious time only to those who are ready to invest in creating the shifts they desire
  • Have an enrollment process that deeply serves prospects while discovering whether there’s a fit

If you are open to a kinder, gentler and more effective way to market your products and services, grab my special report on The Art and Science of Leveraged Enrollment and experience firsthand the power of assessment marketing. Your soul and your sales will thank you for it.

Jane Deuber is a business strategist who built seven successful businesses and helped thousands of entrepreneurs experience greater fulfillment and improved profits. To find out where your business is strong and where you need to make some shifts, take our Rock Your Biz Quiz.