The Pitfalls of Doing It All

As my dear business coach and client, Caterina Rando, brilliantly said, “You need to do what is the highest use of your time, and let other people handle the rest.” I think of this often in my own business, and I have seen my best months and best year ever as a result. I hired a bookkeeper who comes in once a week, as well as a part-time assistant who handles production of signs and banners, in addition to simple updates for my clients, so I can stay focused on what I do best: design.

Most people realize that they could save money by fixing their own car, but prefer to hire a trained mechanic. If you consider what your time is worth, the amount of time you could spend diagnosing the problem, locating the parts and researching how to make the repair would be much more expensive than hiring a mechanic. The experience of the mechanic is priceless as well.

Sometimes I meet entrepreneurs who are reluctant to pay for professional design services when starting their business, only to hire me for an upgrade after their marketing efforts produce lackluster results. Since a well-designed logo, combined with an accompanying style guide, is the backbone of your visual marketing efforts, it’s important to get it right before wasting time and money. Hiring a designer as part of your team means you have someone to track the consistency of your visuals as well as your messaging, ensuring you make a strong and memorable impression with your potential clients. Randomly chosen clip art and stock photos never accomplish that.

If you want your marketing efforts to reflect your own level of professionalism and expertise, consider if it’s time to let a designer support your brand while you do what you do best.