Feng Shui For Your Best Year Ever!

Want to have your best year ever? If your answer is “YES” then set the foundation for success using the ancient art of sunRaysFeng Shui. Asian cultures and modern Westerners, especially savvy business people, utilize these principles to amass wealth, gain fame and enjoy incredibly wonderful lives filled with harmony.

There are a number of key points to follow when using this philosophy and science. Several pertain specifically to how a person or business starts the New Year. Some of the rituals or ceremonies are common sense and easy to do. Others require more thought, preparation, time and money.

Since learning about these, I have included them in my life. They make a huge difference in the way I look at the upcoming year. My energy is more focused. This focused energy helps me manifest my desired outcomes easier, quicker and more powerfully. You can achieve this also.

Another interesting correlation about this process I’ve discovered is that I find more wonderful and unexpected good flows to me. This phenomenon is closely associated within the years when I take the time to do as many of the suggestions as possible using ceremony or rituals. Whether following a prescribed ritual or creating one of my own by blending parts from different cultures does not seem to affect the outcome. It’s the dedication with which I do the ceremony that counts.

Some Feng Shui guidelines to have your best year ever are:

*Get rid of old energy

* Start with a clean slate

*Reduce or eliminate debts

*Welcome the New Year

*Use symbolism to impress the subconscious mind

*Attract good, specific energy

*Set clear goals and intentions

*Learn about, and work with, the new Chinese New Year energy

This is part one of a six-part series. Each week I’ll expand on some guidelines listed above.