Spiritual Marketing, Part One: Profound Truth for Your Best Year Ever

(This is the first in a series about the four pillars of spiritual marketing, so you get results and enjoy the process.)

OrangeSunsetYogaTry building or improving the pillars of your marketing to create your best year ever! These four pillars involve getting clear on the truth, plan, message and path within your business. The first—finding your truth—is the powerful foundation of spiritual marketing that deepens your approach and makes marketing easier.

Ways to get clear on your marketing truths:

  • Dive into your why. Why are you building this business? Why now and why you? It often takes diving into this several times before you find the real kernel of personal truth. Owning this truth fuels deep, connective marketing. Living this truth drives a successful business.

  • Get clear on what you really sell. All doctors sell health care. But one doctor may really sell relief, while another strength. Get clear on what you sell by understanding at a deep level what your clients gain from working with you. When you voice what you really sell and marry that with what the market longs for, you create truly powerful products and services.
  • Align with something higher than yourself. Nothing makes you feel more isolated than going it alone. When you lean into whatever powers you believe fuel the universe, you are partnering with truth. Letting the truth of your beliefs enter into your business brings the transparency that creates resonance with potential clients.
  • Admit the real opportunity. Often this means reaching for the bigger opportunity, beyond the business that’s right in front of you. Although the stretch can feel intimidating, it can also generate a lot of energy and excitement. Opportunity pulls your business forward rather than you always striving to push it ahead.
  • Make it marketable. Know the truth about your clients. You may have a great idea or service, but it has to mesh with what people believe they want. Get feedback from ideal clients to discern the truth about what makes you relevant and helps you hone your amazing offer.
  • Stand in your power. Part of being a spiritual marketer is stepping into being a creator. Yes, you are a part of something larger, you are here to contribute, and you need input from others, the universe or your version of god. But all of that only works if you are fully standing in who you came here to be. Your marketing will only be as powerful as you are present to the real you.

Get clear on your truths and you’ll go far in having your best year ever! Stay tuned for the next article—Spiritual Marketing, Part Two: A Plan for Your Best Year Ever.