Feng Shui Preparation For Your Best Year Ever

As we continue to prepare for our Best Year Ever, we look at some of the customs and traditions from different OrangeSunsetYogacultures. We can pick and choose what works for us. We can choose from our own spiritual or religious background. Maybe we have attended retreats or gatherings where we experienced ceremonies where we felt comfortable or brought us great joy.

Welcome The New Year

Celebrating throughout the holiday season of December, the tendency for many is to spend money, eat rich foods, indulge in sweets or drinks we know are not the healthy for our bodies and cram far more events into our already full schedule than our bodies can handle.

Throw in varying weather conditions, the “flu” season and beautiful attire for holiday gatherings that personally left me chilled to the bone after 10 minutes and you have a toxic concoction of energy. This is not the way to start the New Year—but we do.

The above scenario was why most of my New Years were spent in bed sick.

It is said that whatever you do on the First Day of the New Year you will do more of the same activity all year long. Do you want to be sick all year? Hopefully my experience will guide you to better decisions.

Here are a few more Chinese suggestions of things best NOT to do on New Year’s Day:

Do not sweep the floor for fear of sweeping away good fortune.
Do not use knives or scissors for fear of cutting off the luck.
Do not speak harsh words or yell at anyone to avoid bad luck for the year.
Do not do any chores or you will have the burden of hard work in the coming year.

Next in our six-part series is Symbolism.

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