First Steps Using Feng Shui

Even though the Western New Year has started, it’s not too late to change, improve and intentionally direct the Harmony Through Conflictspecific type of energy you want for the New Year. This is especially true if you use the Chinese New Year, which varies and occurs in either January or February. In fact, there are so many aspects about our Western year-end and beginning of the next year it is impossible for me personally to start on the right track. I celebrate and use both dates to set the best energy for the coming year.

Here are a few tips for a couple of the areas I mentioned in the first part of this six-part series.

Get Rid Of Old Energy 

Do you have any idea just how much stuff you have carrying old, stagnant or negative energy? Most people never give this any thought. A few might be receipts, magazines and leftover food. Set aside time. Go through each of these. Throw away whatever you can. Sort and organize the rest.

Start With A Clean Slate

In Asian cultures it is customary before New Year’s Eve to completely clean the home, buy new clothes and shoes to wear, take a special bath, wash and cut their hair. As businesswomen, having a clean office would be an equivalent gesture.

Reduce Or Eliminate Debts

Financial serenity comes in many forms for each of us. Sometimes life situations prevent us from being debt-free. If you are not able to totally pay your bills in full, choose one or two as a start. One year I paid off the highest interest rate. Another year I paid off two smaller bills freeing me from two due dates each month.

This is part two of a six-part series. Look for the continuation of guidelines in the next issue.

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