Giving Back to Make a Difference

volunteer-imageThe funny thing is that most people think giving back would be taking something away from themselves. Drained from life’s demands and in pursuit of our own needs, we really want to give back and make a difference, but who really has time? 

We all do! The best gift you can give to yourself-and to the rest of the world while you are at it- is to volunteer yourself, your time, your money, your love, your care, your intelligence, your heart. And in doing so, you will receive gifts and blessings all around you. Others begin to smile and feel relief, and you know that you have had a hand in that. You have helped to make life on this planet just a little bit better. Better than it was just a minute ago, before you came along with your open heart and open mind to give back and make a difference.

If you are stuck or lost, or if you feel down and out, then volunteer. Get involved. Help someone in need. So many people need so much help and we do not even know it.

Look around you, dig deep, look within, and then look without.

Together, let’s support one another as human beings, as life forces on a magnificent planet. Tune in, tune up and you will be lifted higher than you can ever imagine.

You will meet new people, learn new ways, discover new things and feed your soul.