Having the Right Follow-Up Attitude Makes a Difference for Your Clients

linda-basso-print-image-6Recently, I ran into a woman who is part of my networking group. I mentioned that I was interested in one of her upcoming classes that she had shared in a recent meeting. The next morning, there was an email from her saying how nice it was to see me, details on her class and a link to sign up if I’d like. As a marketer, I was delighted and impressed. As a potential client, I felt gratitude. 

When you follow up with potential clients, you are not being pushy or bothering them. You are performing an act of service. Here’s why:

People are busy. Generally, it is not intentional or personal when someone doesn’t call you back. If you stop taking it personally and become the neutral follow-up queen, you really act on behalf of your client. Do not let fear guide your follow-ups. Be responsive to client’s needs instead. If you save your clients time by letting them schedule right then, even better.

People appreciate the prescriber. It’s nice to know that an expert is taking care of you. You expect your dentist, doctor, acupuncturist, accountant or personal trainer to prescribe your next best steps. When your social media expert, massage therapist, bookkeeper, business coach or landscaper reach out to you with the same here’s what is next for you attitude, it’s a favor, not a push.

People love to be thought of. Simple psychology says that people appreciate others thinking of them when they aren’t together. Prompt follow-up, presence in your communication and knowledge of their next steps are all signals that you are thinking of them. That makes clients happy, not bothered.

Have an attitude of service when you follow up with prospects and clients.  People will notice and appreciate the difference you make.