Law of Reciprocity

linda-lenore-print-image-6Energy flow and balance are common principles within the many Feng Shui schools. Living a full and happy life entails learning, understanding and implementing the Law of Reciprocity. This involves a relationship of mutual exchange or interchange. 


Think of a balance scale. Whatever you do on one side needs an equal energy done on the other for balance. Another example of flow is “holding” or not releasing, like the Dead Sea. The water from the Jordan Rivers’ water system comes to an end. With no outlet, the water becomes stagnant, making it unfit for most living organisms.

Time, Talents and Treasures

Giving to others takes different forms. One catchy phrase states, “Give of your time, talents or treasures.” A priceless gift is spending time with a person. Maybe your expertise in life, known as your talents, is the gift you share. Financial gifts or “treasures” benefit organizations as well as individuals.

Counting Your Blessings Using Feng Shui’s Nine Areas of Life

Learn to give and receive in each area of life, allowing the good life to flow through you. Here are some examples:

  1. Career: Learn your life’s purpose. Share your talents.
  2. Knowledge: Teach what you know. Discover what you learn from others.
  3. Family: Explore your heritage. Honor it! Celebrate it!
  4. Wealth: As you accumulate money, tithe to organizations that speak to your heart and soul.
  5. Fame: Develop strong values. Help others cultivate theirs.
  6. Partnerships: Find your spiritual essence. Share appropriately.
  7. Children: Explore your creative talents. Have fun! Share when safe.
  8. Helpful People: Respect your mentors. Become one yourself.
  9. Health: Honor all aspects of your bodyphysical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Help others discover healthy routines.

Our Blessings come in many forms: sometimes we receive, sometimes we give back to make a difference.