Does Your Business Have a Community?

Your business can do so much more than serve your clients. Your business can connect your clients with each other and cultivate them into a community. An incredible community of like-minded people provides more massive value to your clients that you alone cannot deliver. When you create and foster connection and camaraderie through community, your clients will love what you have done for them and stick around forever. 

One of the reasons why this is a huge contribution to your clients is because belonging is a basic human need. Isolation kills dreams, promotes depression and can make it difficult to stay positive and keep hope alive.

 Community is the solution for many reasons. Humans feel safe and comfortable and accepted when they are with people similar to them. Often in life, we can’t find people like us. When you convene with others in a similar situation it feels good for many reasons, including knowing you are not alone and have a place to ask questions, gain support and share ideas. 

 Over the next two months we will share many ideas about cultivating community. Your business and your bottom line will
love it.

Thanks for being in our TWIB Community.

Caterina Rando, Publisher