Feminine Leadership

It is such an exciting time to be a woman. Paradigms are being broken daily, and we are being called to step into our leadership in whole new ways. Each year, we host an invitation-only leadership conference for women business owners who are committed to philanthropy. Most women don’t identify themselves as philanthropists. However, I’ve found that giving back is one of the main characteristics of truly successful women in business who lead from a place of balance and femininity.

Other characteristics of successful women in business:
V: True feminine leaders are visionary about their lives and their businesses. They can solve problems that others find challenging, because they can see a bigger picture.
O: They are “outliers.” They are not afraid to address challenges from a unique, innovative perspective. They usually have little tolerance for staying in a challenging situation just because it is the “way it has always been done.”
C: They are strong advocates of community, and realize that they cannot reach their goals alone. True feminine leaders build their own communities by honoring each person they come into contact with on a daily basis.
A: They are rapid action takers. Interestingly, they may actually have a more introspective personality, so you may not always be aware of what they are thinking or doing. They let the results of their actions speak for themselves.
L: They lift everyone around them and cultivate other leaders. True feminine leaders are never threatened by another’s success. Instead, they embrace each of us finding our unique talents and gifts and encourage us to cultivate these by using them to help others.
If you recognize any of these traits in yourself, or see any that you would like to deepen, join us at Limitless Women. Nothing helps you to grow faster than being surrounded by like-minded leaders.

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